My trainings

Throughout the years spent teaching adults, I particularly realised how straight to the point we need to be, and the importance of organising communicative and practical classes in a fun way. Working for companies made me understand the employees’ needs : taking part in meetings, responding properly, getting a good grasp of what is happening, answering e-mails, taking part in a water cooler moment, describing daily tasks, giving presentations, phoning, taking a message… 

My trainings are based on what the participants need and I then make suggestions that can always be adapted according to what is asked in the workplace. The themes and the methods proposed during the trainings are there to serve the participants and can always be modified throughout the session.


The classes are given online through Zoom or Teams and of course in the workplace when possible.


At the moment that suits you best  (in the morning, during lunchbreak, in the afternoon, in the evening).

How many participants?

The classes can be individual and in groups of a few people.

How long?

Classes can last an hour, an hour and a half or even more, depending on your needs.

How often?

Mostly once a week. Intensive sessions can also be organised (of a few hours or during a whole day).

How much?

The price is competitive because the classes are provided without any intermediaries. An offer can be discussed and decided upon.

After several individual English courses,  I have found with Mrs Harmeling the right teacher to improve my level.

She prepares each lesson in the slightest detail and It’s very motivating to learn with her.

She also sends me a report of my mistakes after each lesson, which is really useful .

As a thirty years old, It’s really appreciated to share some topics from my age with her.

Because I was her student during the Coronavirus pandemic, I could see that she manages the technology very well.

I highly recommend Mrs Harmeling.

Rémy Moers