Danielle Harmeling, French, English and Dutch teacher

We have some good news: a language class can be really fun, given by a nice and cheerful trainer, in a flexible and respectful way!

It is a fact : we need to speak English if we want to understand the world we live in and evolve in the best possible way. English is the language we use in so many interactions worldwide. In Belgium, Dutch and French are languages we use to communicate within our different regions.

Companies in Wallonia and of course Brussels are looking for bilingual candidates.
And of course, on top of that, being able to speak the others’ languages is such a good way to understand one another and therefore to get along.

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Note (1) : Conseil supérieur de l’emploi, État des lieux du marché du travail en Belgique et dans les Régions, Belgique, 2018.

Practical and communicative classes that go straight to the point

In a fun way

Based on the learners’ needs and constantly revisited

Languages have always been my cup of tea (or coffee) but travelling to Indonesia and teaching there made me realise I would become a language teacher