Today, this lesson will deal with a very well-known artist.

1. First of all, I would like you to guess who it is by reading the words below. Who do you think it is?
Discuss and brainstorm with your classmates!
Don’t use the net.

2. Search the net individually; use the keywords from the cloud. Which names came up from your research?


a. Read the following information about the artist we will focus on today.

b. Then answer the questions below using long sentences (Subject, verb, complements):

  • When was Andy Warhol born?
  • Where were his parents from?
  • Where were his parents from?
  • What was his first job?
  • What is he famous for?

c. Watch the following video and answer the question ‘What is pop art?’

d. Some people could question this art movement and wonder why this is art. Please watch the following video trying to answer that important question.

Do you like this movement? Why? Explain!

e. Google ‘Warhol’ and click on ‘images’. Look at his artworks. What do you feel when you at them?

→ Go through the following list of feelings and tick 5 of them (positive or genative)

f. If he was alive now, what do you think would inspire him? Explain (200 words)

g. Create your own piece of art

Warhol used iconic mass-produced objects, the technique of repetition and bright colours.  Choose a pop culture object and create your own artwork à la Warhol.

Before creating your own piece, take this quiz to find out which pop artist you are yourself!


  • a whirlwind: une tornade
  • wham: vlan
  • thumbprint: empreinte digitale
  • lino print: linogravure

h. Exhibition in Liège